Matryoshka doll

Matryoshka doll per set $20
Matryoshka animals per set $20

The doll set can represent grandmother, mother, wife and  daughters.
The doll set can represent the growing up of the first 5 years of your baby girl.

The animals set is a good pre-education toy for kids, in this mini zoo there is a lion, tiger, pig, monkey, bird, you can create a bedtime story with this 5 animals.

Long time ago, there was a wood cutter, his wife & daughter live happily in a jungle.  One day, his daughter was lost in the wood. The woodcutter and his wife cannot find their daughter.  In memory of her daughter, on her every birthday, the woodcutter crave a doll.  After he craved the 7 dolls, their daughter return home.  She told her parents that she has play with a group of angels for 7 hours......

Matryoshka doll is also known as Russian doll or Babushka doll, design by Sergey Malyutin & craved by Vasily Zvyozdochkin. In 1900, this toy won the bronze medal in the World Exhibition in Paris

In future, maybe you  can also order plain Russian doll select your design and paint your preference theme: family, historian of Singapore, cartoon & comic character, general election, company logo, pets, animals etc



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